Bachelor Thesis: Development of input/output Routines for a simulation Environment in virtual Embryology

Markus Dauschan
Supervisor: Thomas Schmickl



 snapshot of one timestep of the embryogenesislateral autoregulated growth

For my Bachelor Thesis I worked on the implementation of input and output routines to increase the usability of an simulation environment regarding virtual embryogenesis in C++. An extensive implementation of the model was already achived by Ronald Thenius and Michael Bodi in NetLogo and acts as a role model for the visualization in C++. The starting point of my work was the C++ portation by Christopher Schwarzer which was achieved in 2009.Initiating my work with only the core of the program, I have extended this piece of software with very usable features such as a graphical output, a global settings file, automated in- and output of genomes and automated run of the program including optional movie production. Future application of the program will consist mostly in large scale batch operations using an evolutionary engine to compute thousands of indivduals and measure their fitness. As genomes between the NetLogo and C++ implementation turned out to be incompatible, also new genomes have been created, leading to embryos that develop autoregulated growth in the C++ version of the program. Addditionally I concentrated on establishing certain shapes of embryos and analysing the impact of different types of difussion on embryonal growth.

Movies of autoregulated growth and more complex autoregulated lateral growth.

Fulltext of my bachelor thesis.