Student work
Artificial life
Growth of plants

In this section we present you 2 simulations, bowth dealing with principle geometric rules leading to plan-like structures.

Both simulations work fairly in the same way:

Create a NetLogo-turtle that draws the first line (main branch).After she reached the end of her first step (starting-length), the turtle crates a new daugther-turtle that rotates to the right for a certain angle (sprout-angle).

The original (mother) turtle turns in the other direction (main-angle).

In the next step (2 turtles now), the length to be drawn is shortened, whereby main-shortening-factor sets the shortening of the line drawd by the mother-turtle, sprout-shortening-factor does the same for the daoughter’s line. This process is repeated several steps (4,8,16,... turtles) until they all rech thei maximum depth (number of sproutings).

The number of maximum sproutings is decreased after each sprouting step. Please note, that the daugther turtle becomes the mother turtle for the subbranch she created.

We created 2 simulation, one leading th things like parlsey or trees, the other one creates things looking like farne.


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