Bottom-up ecology: an agent based model on the interactions between competition and predation.

This shows a pond environment. Green algae, yellow and red:
2 different alga consumer. Black predator of alga consumers.

The file need starlogo TNG modeling environment installed. It is a free agent based modeling system available at:

Windows System requirements: We recommend a Pentium 4/Celeron/Athlon 1.8GHz or better or Pentium M 1.4GHz or better for a procesor and a nVidia (GeForce 5200 or better) or ATI (Radeon 7000 or better) graphics card. DirectX is required.

StarLogo TNG is The Next Generation of StarLogo modeling and simulation software. While this version holds true to the premise of StarLogo as a tool to create and understand simulations of complex systems, it also brings with it several advances - 3D graphics and sound, a blocks-based programming interface, and keyboard input - that make it a great tool for programming educational video games. Homepage:


Model file

You can find the model file here:

model file