Orientation in a Trail Network by Exploiting its Geometry for Swarm Robotics

Heiko Hamann, Marc Szymanski, Heinz Wörn
in Proc. of the IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium (2007), 310-315


 Two control algorithms for a swarm robot are presented that enable it to
  orientate itself by using information from the geometry of trail
  bifurcations within a trail network. The development of these algorithms was
  inspired by the behavior of Pharaoh's ants as reported by Jackson et
  al. 2004. The performance of the robot is analyzed in a large
  number of embodied experiments with different bifurcation angles. The
  reactive behavior implemented by simple rules is sufficient to accomplish
  this task using a robot of limited capabilities. The frequency of correct
  reorientations is maximized when the trail bifurcation angle is 60 degrees,
  as found in natural networks.

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