Morphogenesis as a Collective Decision of Agents Competing for Limited Resource: a Plants Approach

Payam Zahadat, Daniel Nicolas Hofstadler, Thomas Schmickl
Lecture Notes in Computer Science - ANTS 2018: Swarm Intelligence 11172 (2018), 84-96


Competition for limited resource is a common concept in many articial and natural collective systems. In plants, the common resources - water, minerals and the products of photosynthesis - are a subject of competition for individual branches striving for growth. The competition is realized via a dynamic vascular system resulting in the dynamic morphology of the plant that is adapting to its environment.
In this paper, a distributed morphogenesis algorithm inspired by the competition for limited resources in plants is described and successfully implemented in a developing physical structure. The eects of dierent parameters of the algorithm on the growth behavior of the structure are discussed analytically and similar eects are demonstrated in the physical structure.

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