FSTT Algorithm: Can Tides Assist Bio-Inspired Gradient Taxis?

Joshua Cherian Varughese, Ronald Thenius, Franz Wotawa, Thomas Schmickl
in MESROB 2016 (2016)


In this article we introduce a variation of the Firefly-Slime mold-Taxis (FSTaxis) algorithm, which is an emergent gradient ascent solution using external environmental influences such as tides, wind among others. Such external environmental influences are useful sources of energy for movement. If utilized, this results in substantial energy saving compared to robots relying solely on propulsion. Assistance using external factors can be adopted by various types of service robots depending on their environment of operation (for example, rescue robots, robotic underwater exploration). The variant of the FSTaxis algorithm we present in this paper combines bio-inspired communication strategies to achieve gradient taxis purely based on neighbor-to-neighbor interaction and tidal movements for mobility. In this article, we discuss the modified algorithm in detail and further introduce first simulation results obtained using a multiagent simulation environment.

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