Self-Organized Construction with Continuous Building Material: Higher Flexibility based on Braided Structures

Mary Katherine Heinrich, Mostafa Wahby, Mohammad Divband Soorati, Daniel Nicolas Hofstadler, Payam Zahadat, Phil Ayres, Kasper Støy, Heiko Hamann
SOCO 2016 - 1st International Workshop on Self-Organising Construction (2016), 6


Self-organized construction with continuous, structured building material, as opposed to modular units, offers new challenges to the robot-based  construction process and lends the opportunity for increased flexibility in constructed artifact properties, such as shape and deformation. As an example investigation, we look at continuous filaments organized into braided structures, within the context of bio-hybrids constructing architectural artifacts. We report the result of an early swarm robot experiment. The robots successfully constructed a braid in a self-organized process. The construction process can be extended by using different materials and by embedding sensors during the self-organized construction directly into the braided structure. In future work, we plan to apply dedicated braiding robot hardware and to construct sophisticated 3-d structures with local variability in patterns of filament interlacing.