BEECLUST Used for Exploration Tasks in Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Michael Bodi, Christoph Möslinger, Ronald Thenius, Thomas Schmickl
in Mathematical Modelling, # 8 | part# 1 (2015), 819-824


Underwater exploration is still a difficult task these days. In this paper we suggest a swarm of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) for such tasks. These AUVs are controlled by BEECLUST which is a swarm control algorithm inspired by honeybee behaviour. A swarm controlled by BEECLUST shows very reliable aggregation behaviour in a global optimum. In an simulation experiment we show that BEECLUST is very well adaptable for AUV swarms. Furthermore we show that BEECLUST is not only capable of showing aggregation behaviour but also is a valid tool for underwater exploring tasks.

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