ASSISI: Charged Hot Bees Shakin' in the Spotlight

Thomas Schmickl, Martina Szopek, Michael Bodi, Sibylle Hahshold, Gerald Radspieler, Ronald Thenius, Stjepan Bogdan, Damjan Miklic, Karlo Griparic, Tomislav Haus, Serge Kernbach, Olga Kernbach
Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (SASO), 2013 (2013), 259-260


In this article we describe the concept of generating a mixed society of honeybees and artificial (robotic) agents in the project ASSISI|bf. We discuss the motivation of generating a mixed society as novel bio-hybrid system that can achieve self-awareness, self-regulation and environmental awareness through self-organization and collective information processing. In our approach the artificial agents communicate with the natural agents through 4 physical channels, which are emphasized in this article: temperature, vibration, electromagnetic fields, and light. We also discuss our methodology of automated model-generation and model-adaptation through evolutionary robotics principles.

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