Profiling Underwater Swarm Robotic Shoaling Performance using Simulation

Mark Read, Christoph Möslinger, Tobias Dipper, Daniela Kengyel, James Hilder, Ronald Thenius, Andy Tyrrell, Jon Timmis, Thomas Schmickl
In Proceedings of TAROS 2013 (2013), 456-462

Underwater exploration is important for mapping out the oceans, environmental monitoring, and search and rescue, yet water represents one of the most challenging of operational environments. The CoCoRo project proposes to address these challenges using cognitive swarm intelligent systems. We present here CoCoRoSim, an underwater swarm robotics simulation used in designing underwater swarm robotic systems. Collective coordination of robots represents principle challenge here, and use simulation in evaluating shoaling algorithm performance given the communication, localization and orientation challenges of underwater environments. We find communication to be essential for well-coordinated shoals, and provided communication is possible, inexact localization does not signi cantly impact performance. As a proof of concept simulation is employed in evaluating shoaling performance in turbulent waters.


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