Re-Embodiment of Honeybee Aggregation Behavior in an Artificial Micro-Robotic System

Serge Kornienko, Ronald Thenius, Olga Kornienko, Thomas Schmickl
Adaptive Behavior: animals, animats, software agents, robots, adaptive systems 17 (2009), 19


In this paper we describe the re-embodiment of biological aggregation be-
havior of honeybees in Jasmine micro robots. The observed insect behavior, in
the context of the insect’s sensor-actor system, is formalized as behavioral and
motion-sensing meta-models. These meta-models are transformed into a sensor-
actor system of micro-robots by means of a sensors virtualization technique. This
allows us to keep the efficiency and scalability of the bio-inspired approach. We
also demonstrate the systematic character of this re-embodiment procedure on
collective aggregation in real robotic swarm.

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