Regenerative Abilities in Modular Robots Using Virtual Embryogenesis

Ronald Thenius, Markus Dauschan, Thomas Schmickl, Karl Crailsheim
Proc. of the International Conference on Adaptive and Intelligent Systems - ICAIS'11, Klagenfurt (2011), 227-237


One task in the field of modular robotics is to develop robotic
organisms as fault-tolerant as possible. Even in case of damage of the
robotic organism, the robotic units have to be able to autonomously
repair the organism. We have adapted a technique called Virtual Em-
bryogenesis (VE) to the problem of self organised assembly of a robotic
organism, and tested the ability of the VE to regenerate damage of the
organism. It showes, that due to randomly appearing events during the
evolutionary process, that shapes the VE-process, the developed robotic
organism has regenerative abilities.