Using virtual embryogenesis in multi-robot organisms

Markus Dauschan, Ronald Thenius, Thomas Schmickl, Karl Crailsheim
Proc. of the International Conference on Adaptive and Intelligent Systems - ICAIS'11, Klagenfurt (2011), 238-247


We introduce a novel method to apply a pluripotent process
of virtual embryogenesis (VE) on modular robotics. The VE software
is able to perform simulations on recent computer hardware and can
be used to control robotic hardware. Each robot controlled by our VE-
software mimics a cell within a virtual embryogenesis process and is
able to signal other robots to dock, thus initiating or advancing the
build process of a multi-robot organism. In addition to that, our system
can also be used to perform primitive locomotion e.g. wall avoidance
behaviour in single robots.