CoCoRo - The Self-aware Underwater Swarm

Thomas Schmickl, Ronald Thenius, Christoph Möslinger, et al.
SASO 2011 - Fifth IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems - (2011), -



The EU-funded CoCoRo project studies hetero- geneous swarms of AUVs used for the purposes of un derwater monitoring and search. The CoCoRo underwater swarm system will combine bio-inspired motion principles with biologically-derived collective cognition mechanisms to provide a novel robotic system that is scalable, reliable and flexible with respect its behavioural potential. We will investigate and develop swarm-level emergent self-awareness, taking biological inspiration from fish, honeybees, the immune system and neurons. Low-level, local information processing will give rise to collective-level memory and cognition. CoCoRo will develop a novel bio-inspired operating system whose default behaviour will be to provide AUV shoaling functionality and the maintenance of swarm coherence. Collective discrimination of environmental properties will be processed on an individual- or on a collective-level given the cognitive capabilities of the AUVs. We will investigate collective self-recognition through experiments inspired by ethology and psychology, allowing for the quantification of collective cognition.

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