Istvan Karsai

Guest Researcher

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Professor at Dept. Biological Sciences East Tennessee State University

Istvan Karsai collaborated with Thomas Schmickl on wide variety of projects including research, educational projects and services to the public. Research collaboration is focusing to understand complex pattern formation as a result of self-organizing processes. They attacked two areas: 1) optimal population size and sex ratio evolution and 2) division of labor and task partitioning based on information center (common stomach).

Both Istvan and Thomas were invited guest educators in the corresponding Universities and we also taught courses together at ETSU. Thomas was selected to the prestigious Distinguished Basler Chair position at ETSU, where Istvan was his host and collaborator in this position. The Basler chair role is to connect the University with the public and enhance quality research and education at ETSU. Istvan Karsai also collaborated with Heiko Hammann (PostDoc of Thomas Schmickl) on the effect of time delay on task switching.

Istvan Karsai conducted two research stays at the Artificial Life Lab to collaborate on mathematical models of social insects with the local researchers. Several publications are resulting from these collaborative studies. Istvan is also member of the advisory board of the project ASSISI|bf, which is coordinated by the Artificial Life Lab.